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Exclusive: UAE officially involved in Qatargate, paid for Antonio Panzeri via Emirates Red Crescent

The Antonio Panzeri Saga still rocks the EU Parliament where more evidence emerging of his links with many countries. New images released by Belgian Federal Police from December 2022 raid show money packed in Emirates Red Crescent envelopes. Sources closed to Panzeri revealed that he provided services for them between 2016 to 2019 including holding mega expo event in Brussels for 3 days. The event was designs to make UAE look as strategic partner for Europe in terms of fighting illegal migrants from Syria and the Middle East.

M Zoomed in Photo showing a money envelopes rom Emirati Red Crescent

The money trail from UAE to Panzeri has come from two sources. The Emirates Red Crescent in coordination and Federal National Council (FNC). Other MEPs were also involved in holding the event such as Antonio López-Istúriz White.

The former Italian MEP is considered by the Belgian police and justice as the mastermind of an alleged corruption scandal. He has, during his terms of office, dug the furrow of parliamentary diplomacy. A networker, he founded the NGO Fight Impunity, which could have served as a screen for activities other than its purpose. Not only this, evidence published by Le Soir show clearly money in UAE Emirates Red Crescent in Arabic language along with their logo. The image clearly suggest that UAE has paid and lobbied Panzeri.

Emirates Red Crescent in Brussels Bubble for 3 Days – Thanks to Panzeri

Panzeri has helped the Emirates Red Crescent access some MEPs in brussels to lobby for their government under the cover of human rights. The Payment received by Panzeri from Red Crescent in 2019 was designed to hold an expo on behalf of the Emirates Red Crescent in Brussels.

Mega Event for Emirates Red Crescent in Brussels

Friend of Panzeri, Antonio Tajani, former President of the European Parliament, and current Italian FM, has attended the event and expressed his deep appreciation for the UAE’s global humanitarian and relief efforts, manifested through the work of the Emirates Red Crescent and described them as “really impressive”.

His statement came during a brief speech delivered on Tuesday, January 8, 2019, during the opening of the three-day ‘Humanitarian Aid for Stability’ exhibition at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. The event was organized by the Emirates Red Crescent in coordination with the Federal National Council (FNC), the parliamentary body of the UAE.

The opening of the exhibition drew the participation of Her Excellency Dr Amal Al Qubaisi, Speaker of FNC, His Excellency Fahad Abdelrahman Bin Sultan, Deputy Secretary General for International Aid at the Emirates Red Crescent, members of the European Parliament, and several ambassadors.

Tajani called for joint action between the UAE and Europe to deal with illegal immigration, expand cooperation in this regard to the Middle East and Africa, and strengthen collaborative efforts to combat terrorism and enhance security. He added that ensuring stability and promoting development efforts in the world are common goals for the UAE and the EU.

Antonio Tajani stressed that the refugee crisis is a global challenge, and therefore humanitarian aid must be a collective task that engages nations and peoples.

The MEP lobbyist of UAE Antonio López-Istúriz White, at the time Secretary General of the European People’s Party and member of the European Parliament, for his initiative in holding the exhibition that presented a novel opportunity to showcase the endeavors of valued partners of the EU to help alleviate the devastating effects of war. He will say whatever makes UAE happy since he is on their payroll.


Whichever way you take them, all the threads of the alleged corruption affair within the European Parliament involving Qatar and Morocco, which the Belgian police and justice are investigating, lead to Pier Antonio (known as Antonio) Panzeri. According to the information revealed by Le Soir and Knack , exists…

The link between Antonio Panzeri and Morocco could be confirmed – and here we reserve the right to wait for the ratification of the investigators – by a series of confidential documents from Rabat. These documents are revealed by an investigation by the Belgian newspapers Le Soir and Knack which reconstructs the relationship between the European Parliament and Morocco starting from the documents published by a Moroccan hacker with an Anglo-Saxon name, Chris Coleman. For at least 11 years Antonio Panzeri had been chosen by Morocco to defend Rabat’s interests within the European Parliament. This is what emerges from a correspondence between the Moroccan foreign minister and the Rabat ambassador to the European Union sent in 2011and taken up this morning by La Stampa . The letter refers to a visit to Tindouf by Antonio Panzeri. Tindouf is the Algerian city where the government in exile of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, also called Western Sahara, is based. The object of the visit is significant because it falls within Morocco’s political interests: to maintain control of Western Sahara, a region claimed by Rabat.


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